Secret Strategy Volume – 1




70% win rate strategy 
80% win rate 
90% win rate 
95% win rate 

Have you ever heard these kinds of claims made by traders for selling their strategy 

Probably yes. 

If you are in the Forex Trading Industry you might have come across these kinds of claims. 

Buying a Strategy Based on win rate is just like buying a phone just based on how much megapixels it has 

The win rate does not tell even 20% about the strategy. 

There are other important criteria that help us set apart good strategies from the bad ones. i.e Risk to Reward. 

Almost no one shares the risk to reward ratio about their strategy. 

Here is what risk to reward is – the amount of money you can earn for every dollar you risk. 

Here I will explain to you how you can find a good strategy. 

  1. There are 2 traders Ben & Nick 

Both of them use different strategies. 

Nick’s Strategy: Has a 90% win rate and 1:1 risk to reward 

Ben”s Strategy – has a 60% win rate and 1:3 risk to reward 

If we give both of them $100 and ask them to take trade 10 trades using their respective strategy 

Here is what the final result will be – 

Nick’s took 10 trades and based on his strategy he won 9 trades and from 1:1 risk to reward ration he made a profit of $90 and he lost 1 trade so his final profit was $80 

Ben’s Strategy – Ben took 10 trades out of which he won only 6 and based on his risk to reward he won $30 on each trade so he made a profit of $180 but he lost 4 trades so his remaining profit will be $ 140. 

Can you tell which strategy is better 

Yes, you are right. 

This example shows us how much of a different risk to reward makes in selecting a strategy and this is why most of the traders don’t talk about risk to reward and sell their strategy based on win rate. 

The risk to reward is one of the most important factors which you should consider before choosing any forex trading strategy. 

There are some other factors too – 

  1. Which trading style your strategy is suitable for?
  2. How many sets ups you can see each week?
  3. Does it have a risk management plan?
  4. Is it dependent on indicators?
  5. Does the strategy show you the exact point of getting out of the trade? 

We know these factors are important for a user to know before they buy any strategy. 

We offer you Forex Monopoly Secret Strategy 

  1. 1:3-1:5 risk to reward Ratio (these are conservative figures) we have received up-to 1:10 risk to reward from it. 
  2. 75%+ win rate 
  3. Suitable for Day traders 
  4. Yes it includes a risk management plan 
  5. No soul dependent on indicators 
  6. Yes also explains you to identify the exact point from where you should exit the trade. 


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