Mentorship Call – Personal Mentorship Call




Would you like me to personally help you Double or even Triple your forex trading account?

Daksh Murkute is a Creator of Forex Inner Circle which is a transformation program that has transformed beginner and Intermediate trader to Advance Professional Forex Trader. 

Mentorship Call

I am offering you a chance to directly connect with me and take your trading to the next level. 

But before that here is what you will not get from this call 

1. This is not a get rich quick scheme. 

If you are looking for 1 call to make thousands tomorrow.

If you are looking to get rich tomorrow program then I have nothing to offer to you 

2. This is not a Do nothing and Get rich scheme 

For some reason, there are people who are selling systems in which they claim that you have to do nothing and money will start following you. 

If you are looking for something then this is not for you. 

3. Looking for a Strategy 

If you are looking for a magical strategy that will change your financial fate 

Then this is not for you.

Then for whom is this Mentorship call for 

  1. People who are looking to double their account
  2. People who want to maximize their profit and minimize risk on every single trade 
  3. People who already have a strategy (If your strategy is not helping you make a profit, Don’t worry I will make it a profitable one ) 
  4. People who are serious about forex trading 
  5. People who are looking take their trading to the next level and become a full-time professional forex trader. 

Here is how this program is going to work?

Step 1 – You will get a call from Shayam, He is will ask you questions so that I can get exactly on what point you are right now and what are the issues you are facing 

Step 2 – I will analyze your report and pick out things that you are doing right and which you are doing wrong. 

Step 3 – Shayam will set up a suitable time for us to talk So that I can give you actionable strategies and tactics so that you can take your trading to the next level. The call will be for 2 hours. 

Step 4 – Follow up call. Where we will call you to make sure you are getting results from our strategies and We will also provide you with some books and resource which will help you grow as a professional trader. 

$799 for Personal Mentor Ship Call 


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