Forex Monk – Emotion Management Program




Forex Monk 

Forex Monk – This book is Designed Specifically for People who Trade in Forex. 

According to a study at Stanford University, there are many emotions that inter-fear with your trading. 

Because of these emotions Traders tend to trade bad setups and end up losing their money. 

Because of this our irrational mind takes control and Ignore our Rational Mind. 

I have faced many losses just because of this. 

I took me a lot of effort to find out the exact way you can Conquer and Control your emotions Just Like a Monk 

This why the Book was Named Forex Monk because I got to know about this Technique from a Monk. 

Here is what you will Learn 

  1. Understanding how your Mind and Emotions Functions 

  2. Identifying Negative Emotions that influences your Trading 

  3. Mastering your Emotions 

  4. Eradicating Emotional Interference 

  5. Installing the Software of Discipline in your Mind. 


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