Awareness Sheet




As per a study at Stanford University, there are many emotions that inter-fear with your trading.

We all know how much our emotions influence our trading.

I use to struggle with the same thing.

I tried hundreds of different techniques read a lot of books on how to manage your emotions

But frankly none of the techniques taught in the books helped me but there were many books that educated me on how our mind and emotions work.

I took that knowledge and combined it with my experience in forex trading.

Created Awareness Sheet.

I designed this sheet to analyze how my emotions worked and how they influenced my trading

But in the process of analyzing. I was able to be aware of the emotions which I have while trading

This process of analysis helped me be in the State of Awareness

In the state of awareness, I was able to analyze realize and then eradicate my emotions.

This helped me set my emotions aside and make a rational decision on each trade.

This is why I call this Awareness Sheet.

This one single technique created such an enormous change in the way I trade in forex.

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