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What is Divergence ? Guide to Divergence in Forex

We are not a big fan of indicator trading, and we prefer using price action over indicators. But, divergence is one single indicator based setup which we always consider using. We have used a lot of indicators and learned a lot of indicators based strategies, but divergence still has a different level of importance...



What are Trend Lines?

What are Trend lines? How to Draw trend lines? In the previous article, we studied the different types of markets. We learned about the ranging markets and trending markets. In this article, I will tell what a trendline is and...



How to Draw Support and Resistance Correctly?

Knowing about Support and Resistance is essential, but drawing it accurately is even more crucial for a trader. If a person has all the knowledge but doesn’t know how to use it, then it is of...



The Big Gold Rally

Gold has surged around 15%, 2100 pips to be exact, from the last time we posted a blogpost on it. 3 months back we posted an article on how to make 4000+ pips by trading gold. Each and every student of ours and...



Backtesting - The Key to Expertise in Forex Trading

A successful person is an expert in whatever he does. A lot of practice is needed to succeed in something you want. Likewise, a successful trader is an expert. He understands each and every aspect...


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