When to quit trading?

There will be moments in a trader’s journey where they question their profession and contemplate quitting trading. We have all been there and we have had our reasons for it. But are these the right reasons? In this blog post, I will discuss when one should quit trading



The Elite Trading Mindset

Being in the right state of mind in everything you do is essential and it is paramount in trading. A trader may have a sound trading plan and proper risk management plan but it is also important to have the right mindset to increase the chances of succeeding in this space. A sound trading plan...



How to deal with forex loss?

Consecutive losses can be too annoying and almost every trader goes through this once in his trading career. Too many losses cam lead to many psychological problems like lack of confidence in the trading system,...



Emotional Trading

Emotional trading. Mastering the psychological elements of trading is an immensely important yet the most neglected aspect of forex trading. Very few traders consider emotional trading to be an important aspect of forex trading. And the traders who have mastered trading emotions...


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