5 Twitter Accounts Every Trader Should Know About

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Twitter isn’t a platform where people tweet random things about how they’re feeling or going crazy over their favorite celebrities.


If you see, Twitter can be a great resource for us traders. So, if you actively use Twitter and you’re into trading too, then this blog post is for you.


In this blog post, I’m going to tell you about some Twitter accounts that you should follow, in fact, every trader should follow.


Read the blog post till the end as the last Twitter account is one that will help you load.


Steve Burns

Peter Brandt

Ashraf Laidi

Live Squawk

Nial Fuller



Here are some Twitter accounts for you traders to follow. You'll find all sorts of things on these accounts. You'll get the latest market updates, news releases, market commentary, some help with the psychological aspect, as well as some trade ideas. So check out these accounts.




Steve burns - @SJosephBurns


Steve Burns could just be one of the best trading teachers out there. Just look at his tweets, you can learn so much just from reading his tweets.


Well, he’s not one of those that just talk stuff on Twitter, he actually has done great for himself, and, his knowledge is credible enough as he has authored 13 books. Quite impressive isn’t it?


Follow him on Twitter and you’ll learn price action techniques, some fundamentals, trading psychology, and he even tweets some really insightful quotes that’ll surely keep you entertained and motivated too.


I mean just look at his feed, you’ll literally find content on everything.




Peter Brandt - @PeterLBrandt


There’s always this aged person, who has lived their life, seen things, and they love to talk about all of it.


Well, that’s Peter Brandt. Just have a look at his Twitter feed, you’ll find so many insights into literally everything.


You’ll read about bitcoin, commodities, forex, stocks, he’s a master of all trades.


He keeps tweeting charts of assets that might just give an opportunity to trade.


So, if you want to get some commentary on what’s happening in the financial space all around the world and also want to be up to date with them, then go and follow Peter.




Ashraf Laidi - @alaidi


Ashraf is another person you should follow on Twitter if you’re a trader. Here too, you’ll get market commentaries.


Now, why should you listen to Ashraf? Well because he has a lot of experience in professional trading, and if you’ve read my blog on 25+ Must Read Books for Forex Traders, then you’ll know that he has authored a book, and it’s simply amazing.


On his Twitter feed, what you’ll see is that he’ll interlink different markets like forex, interest rates, stocks, and he’ll try to give you a larger picture to look at.





Live Squawk - @LiveSquawk


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have someone telling you time in time out about what’s happening around the world?


Something happens in the stock market, boom you know it, something happens in say the commodities markets, you know it, the FEDs messed up, boom you know it again.


Well, this is why you should follow Live Squawk on Twitter.


Just look at the frequency of their posting, and also, look at the range, in just these tweets you’ll know what’s happening in China and Germany.


Now, if you follow all their tweets, you’ll be aware of everything. Wow.




Nial Fuller - @NialFuller


Has it ever happened to you that you’re looking at the charts, but you can’t really see anything, you just can’t understand how the price is moving, or can’t figure out any pattern? It’s just like one of those days where the mind is fogged.


In comes Nial’s Twitter account where he posts charts and trade ideas. If you’re a beginner then even better, you can learn a thing or two from the charts he posts.


Along with this, Nial also tweets some educational price action content, and they seem pretty good too.


If you follow him on Twitter, then you may also come across tweets where he talks about trading psychology and other trading-related content.


So do have a look at his account and follow it if you like.



By the way, ForexMonopoly is on Twitter too. Do check out our Twitter account for market updates, trade ideas, and all sorts of things related to trading and stuff.


I'm on Twitter to, @Daksh Murkute. Check out my personal Twitter account too. I share a lot of things related to trading and forex on Twitter that might not show up anywhere else.



These were some Twitter accounts that I feel every trader should know about.


Mind you, these accounts haven't been listed according to any preference and each account is worth a follow.


Do let me know if you found these accounts helpful, and, if you know any such Twitter accounts that are actually good, mention them in the comments section below.


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