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Is YouTube a good place to learn trading?

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There’s information everywhere and especially on YouTube where you’ll find videos on literally every topic under the sun.


There are hundreds of channels on YouTube that have uploading thousands of videos on trading, so, are they any good and should you learn trading through them? Let’s find out.


In this blog post, I’m going to tell you whether YouTube is a good place to learn trading or not.


Do stick around till the end as I’m going to give you my honest opinion and I’ll tell you some important things that you should know before you actually start learning trading from YouTube.




Bright side of learning trading from YouTube


Bright side of learning trading from YouTube


There is so much content to learn from on YouTube and there’s so little time.


If you actually sit and search for all the channels that teach about trading then you’ll find so many of them.


This is the biggest advantage of learning trading from YouTube that you’ll find videos on every topic related to trading.


If you want to learn the basics of say, the forex market, there are videos, if you want to learn a strategy, you’ll find hundreds of videos, if you want to learn about currency pairs, you find hundreds of videos again. The list keeps going on.


We can pretty much say that if you’re a complete beginner, then YouTube could just be the best place to start learning trading.


Even if you have some experience, you can learn lots of new things from the videos that can help you become better at the skill and keep yourself ahead of the curve.



Dark side of learning trading from YouTube


Dark side of learning trading from YouTube


See, there are lots of videos on YouTube from which you can learn, but due to the sheer number of these videos, it at times becomes overwhelming.


Beginners may not know where to start and which videos to watch and this might lead to time wasted in watching videos with poor content.


One more thing, if you see, videos on YouTube are free and you just click on the video, watch it, consume the content, and move on.


It is a basic human tendency that if we get something for free, we tend to value it less and if we get the same thing for a price, then it suddenly becomes valuable.


The same thing happens with trading videos on YouTube too.


I can teach you a simple strategy through my videos, but you might or might not take it seriously. But if I teach you the same strategy, just polish it a bit, put my branding on it, in a paid webinar, then the strategy suddenly becomes sought over.


Now, this is what a lot of traders do. And it’s one reason why the industry gets a bad name.


Another thing on this is that many videos on YouTube portray this overly rosy picture about trading and show it to be a goldmine thing where everyone can become rich overnight.


Beginners that starts out by watching such videos instantly get lured by this and they develop a wrong mindset towards trading and start seeing it as a get rich quick thing.




Should you learn trading from YouTube?


Should you learn trading from YouTube?


Straight answer, yes, you should learn trading from YouTube.


There might be some dark sides to it, but it certainly should not overshadow the bright sides, at all.


Having thousands of videos to choose from is more of a boon than a bane and you should try and take as much knowledge from each one of them.


It might take some time to navigate through and to find the right place for knowledge, but once you do, make sure that you keep learning, and of course, keep practicing.


Just watching the videos isn’t going to fetch you the profits, you need to practice what you learn, master it, and then go and use the skill in live markets to make the money.


By the way, if you’re looking for a channel with all the necessary videos related to trading then check out our YouTube channel that goes by the name Forex Monopoly.


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What do you think?

So, do you think YouTube is a good place to learn trading? Well, I’ve told you both the bright side and the dark side to it, it’s up to you to decide now.


Don’t forget to share this blog post with others and let them also know how YouTube videos can help them in their trading journey.


Also, feel free to ask all the questions that you may have in the comments section below, I’ll get to them ASAP.

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