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Top 5 Places for Fundamental News

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Traders are often seen to be focusing on news releases. They look up to these news releases as valuable information that can provide them trade opportunities.


Different traders might trade different news, some may even have specific strategies for each news release.


Deciding on which news to trade on is a topic for another day. In this blog post, I will discuss the top 5 places where you can get access to the important fundamental news releases.


Knowing where to get this news from will give you an edge over others. In this blog post, I will also be discussing the importance the fundamental news has, so read this blog post till the end.


What is fundamental news?

Places for fundamental news

How is fundamental news important?

What news sources do you follow?



Key Takeaways

i. Fundamental news involves economic, political, geographic, etc. changes that take place around the world.
ii. By being aware of fundamental news, traders can make better trading decisions.



There's a lot happening in the world and each of these can affect the prices of the currency pairs. It becomes important for traders to know these and it can help them trade accordingly. There are many places where traders can get access to these fundamental news.



What is fundamental news?


image showing news paper of fundamental news


There are numerous countries in the world, with each of them having its own currency listed and traded on the forex market.


The economies of different countries are interlinked to form a world economy. Something happening in one part of the world will have some effects on another part of the world.


For instance, a news release of a fire in the oil rigs in Saudi will trigger panic in the countries that import oil from this region. This in turn will have some effects on the markets.


It will not just be limited to the stock market, but will also have an effect on the forex market, bond market, commodities markets, etc.


The news releases are also not just limited to events taking place in countries, it also includes any economic data releases, election results, etc.




Places for fundamental news

There are several sources to get the fundamental news that are released from time to time.


But in this blog post I will mention the top 5 ones, these are some sources that I also look to follow and take trade decisions accordingly.


1. Forex Factory


forex factory website for fundamental news


Forex Factory is the most common among traders around the world. It is the most sought over website.


The popularity is all for the value it adds for forex traders. Their website is like a one-stop shop for everything you need in forex.


It is entirely focused on curating forex market information for traders. The nature of all the information on the website is in real-time.


The scope of information on the website ranges from economic data to analysis by members. They also have forums where lots of quality discussions take place.


The economic calendar that they have on their website is accurate and very powerful if used properly.



2. Daily FX


Daily FX website for fundamental news


Daily FX is one website that is quite popular among traders. It is free news and research trading platform from the IG Brokers.


It is considered to be one of the leading sources of news and analysis on currency as well as other markets.


Just as the name suggests, they upload content daily on the latest changes in the markets, providing fundamental, economic, and technical analysis.


Apart from their daily content, they also provide analysis on market moves, and they seek to explain economic, political, and technical factors that drive the market.


They have a diverse team of authors for providing all the value and they are all experts in their fields.



3. FX Street


FX Street website for fundamental news


If you trade forex then it is highly possible that you will have looked up the website of FX Street. Just like the previous two websites we mentioned, FX Street too is on the mission to provide quality content.


The team behind this platform strives to provide objective and unbiased information that will help traders make better decisions.


They have real-time quotes, news from all around the world, newsletters, and interactive chats with experts. They have a fundamental and technical analysis section where they post the content of the respective field.



4. Forex Live


Forex Live website for fundamental news


Forex Live is among the best places to get access to important fundamental news. It is one platform that traders look to keep track of.


The team behind this platform is experienced and they know what they do. They believe in providing information all day long that caters to both retail and professional traders.


They focus on providing only relevant news and it is because of this they have managed to create a community in such a short span of time.



5. Bloomberg


Bloomberg website for fundamental news


This platform needs no introduction. Anyone that is associated with the finance industry will have surfed through their website.


Bloomberg could arguably be one of the oldest news platforms out there. The fact that we have placed it at the 5th position doesn’t change the fact that it is an important place to get access to fundamental news.


The website provides everything about the financial market. News release, analysis, commentaries by experts and that too on all markets forex, stocks, commodities, etc.



How is fundamental news important?


importance of fundamental news


From a plain perspective, the fundamental news may only serve the purpose of providing information about the happenings in countries around the globe. 


For a normal individual, many such fundamental news releases may not even have any direct effects on their lives.


For individuals that are associated with the finance industry, like investment bankers, traders, etc., these news releases carry immense importance.


The world economy and the global markets function on a cause and effect theory. It means that something happens because something else happened somewhere.


Even the smallest of news releases have trickle-down effects that can lead to bigger action. Getting access to such news releases becomes very important due to this fact. 


Big financial institutions, funds, and banks have separate departments or divisions to analyze all that’s happening around the world. They invest to get valuable information and that too quickly.


There are even funds that have algorithms in place to fetch news releases, analyze them, and then take trades based on them.


In finance, information is important but what is even important is to get the information in time. There is no point in getting news about a government failure in a country an hour after it was known to the general public.


Hence, I have mentioned the top 5 places where you can get fundamental news releases and that too in time.


If you follow these spaces diligently, I am confident that you will gain a valuable edge over other misinformed traders.



What news sources do you follow?

Here are the top 5 places for fundamental news that also look to track and keep an eye on but even though I have ranked them, it shouldn’t be seen like one platform is better than the other.


Some might provide content of better quality or might provide it quicker. What’s important is to build a holistic view from all this information no matter the source.


What news source do you keep track of for trading? Do you follow these 5 sources or do you have any other sources? I’d like to know.


Also, let me know your approach and strategies regarding these news releases and how you look to capitalize on price movements after the information is released.


Don’t forget to share this blog post with others and help them stay up to date and informed about things that happen in the financial world.

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