19 Websites Every Forex Trader Should Know About

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We live in a world where knowledge and information have never been so easily accessible.


There are so many resources to learn about forex and so many sources for information about the forex market, that it becomes difficult to determine which one to stick with.


But, what if I gave you a list of the only websites you will ever need to trade forex? Sounds good?


In this blog post, I will list the 19 most important platforms and websites that every forex trader must know about and also keep an eye on.


These are some websites that even I use, so stick till the end to get to know some amazing platforms for forex education, strategies, news, and trading psychology.





















What websites do you follow?



Forex trading is actually not so easy and you'll need to juggle a lot of things in trading. But lucky for you, there are certain websites that you can follow that can actually make things a lot easier for you while you trade forex.




Brett Steenbarger


What the websites are about:

These two websites are run by Brett Steenbarger. He is a veteran in this industry of trading and has had a vast career of being involved in the financial markets.


Brett has authored several books on trading, mainly on the psychology aspect of trading, and has been a trading performance-enhancing coach for several traders.


Why you should know these websites:

Through his websites, he provides content on both sides of trading, the markets in general on, and trading psychology on


Brett is considered to be among the firsts to press on the importance of the mental aspect in trading and has contributed a lot to the field. His work is widely followed by individuals from around the globe.


What this website is about:

Dr. Van Tharp is one of the most respected personalities in the trading industry. He is the leading performance coach for investors and traders. 


He has contributed vastly to the field of trading psychology and has authored several books that are to date read by trading professionals.


Why you should know this website:

Dr. Van Tharp set up the Van Tharp Institute to offer high-quality education to investors and traders.


They provide courses, workshops, seminars, and also have lots of free content on trading psychology on their website that are nothing less than golden nuggets.


What this website is about:

Trading Strategy Guides is a fully-fledged forex training platform with a vision to teach traders how to master the markets.


The trading platform has seen large participation of active traders and investors owing to the plethora of resources it provides on the website.


Why you should know this website:

They have trading courses, free resources, and articles uploaded under the blogs section that caters to every type of trader irrespective of the asset they trade and their experience level.


What this website is about:

BabyPips was one of the first forex trading websites. It was founded in the year 2005. It is a one-stop place for everything that a trader needs to learn about forex.


School of Pipsology, their comprehensive and free forex course, has been completed by numerous individuals around the world.


Why you should know this website:

The content on the website is not just limited to forex education but they also have articles on trading strategies, forex news, and market analysis.


They have managed to build a vast community of traders that include advanced traders as well as beginners, where the former seeks to help the latter in their forex journey.


What this website is about:

The name Forex Peace Army does justice to what the platform was actually built for.


It is a platform that was built to bust the scamming forex brokers and companies. Readers could post their honest reviews about companies related to forex.


Why you should know this website:

The platform has since grown to list almost 3500 active forex and financial trading websites. They have also released educational content for beginner traders.


Forex Peace Army has been widely successful in protecting people from fraudulent forex brokers and now every individual turns up to this website to check reviews before going on to open accounts with brokers.


What this website is about:

Admiral Markets is a financial broking platform that facilitates the trading of currencies and metals. They also offer CFD trading on stocks, indices, and energies.


They are a well-regulated broker and have a large number of clients. 


Why you should know this website:

Apart from being brokers, they upload lots of content regarding the financial markets on their website.


They have a blog section with informative articles and have quality content for beginners in the financial market.


What this website is about:

Trading Economics is a popular website among all kinds of financial traders. It is mainly an online platform that provides historical data, economic forecasts, and trading recommendations.


They have readers from over 190 countries. They also provide an economic calendar on their website that refreshes every 24 hours.


Why you should know this website:

They provide historical data of more than 20 million economic indicators and it is possible to see economic forecasts by country, indicator, and product, among others.


What this website is about:

The MQL5 website is a leading web portal for automated trading. It serves as a platform for algo trading enthusiasts to interact with one another.


Why you should know this website:

The blogs section on the website has lots of quality articles by expert traders. It includes different types of strategies that traders use to capitalize on the price movements.


Traders engage in interactions with one another and discuss lots of important things about the markets in general. It is a good platform for connecting and learning from advanced traders.


What this website is about:

This is a website started by Rayner Teo. Rayner is an independent trader based out of Singapore and he has had some professional trading experience.


Rayner strives to provide quality content to educate people about forex and has been using his blogs to do so.


He has written several books on topics related to forex trading that he shares with individuals for free on his website.


He is a renowned figure in the forex trading space and has featured in many trading forums and seminars.


Why you should know this website:

On his website, he shares strategies that he uses in the forex market and also tries to explain them in the simplest of ways so that readers can learn and apply the same in live markets.


Rayner is just like any other trader and has his share of ups and downs in his trading journey. Through his platform, he seeks to help out those that are starting out their journey.


What this website is about:

Tradeciety is a forex education platform started by two traders Rolf Schlotmann and Moritz Czubatisnki. They have several years of experience in the forex market.


Why you should know this website:

Their main expertise lies in forex trading and they share their trading strategies with others through their platform. They have a trading course which has been completed by over 1000 people from around the world.


I am not endorsing their course, but want to highlight the blog section of their website. Lots of quality content are uploaded for readers to read and learn on the way.


They have articles on a variety of topics that are all limited to the scope of forex trading.


What this website is about: is one of the leading financial news platforms. The website has everything that not only a forex trader would need, but also anyone related to the finance industry would need.


The platform started out as a platform solely for forex, but additional segments were added to it over time.


Why you should know this website:

It provides real-time data, quotes, charts, financial tools, breaking news, and analysis across 250 exchanges around the world and covers over 300,000 financial instruments. 


What this website is about:

Investopedia needs no introduction. Anyone related to the finance industry will have come across this website.


Why you should know this website:

On Investopedia, you can find everything that you need and will need. They have articles on the most basic of things to advance topics too.


The team behind Investopedia is quite experienced and is an expert in their respective fields. This in turn reflects on the content they put out.


What this website is about:

Forex Crunch is another one-stop place for everything related to forex. It was founded in the year 200 by one Yohay Elam. In the initial years, the content on the website was all about his learnings and experiences.


Why you should know this website:

With time, other authors joined and contributed to the platform. The website consists of news, opinions, daily and weekly forex analysis, technical analysis, tutorials, and basics of the forex market.


What this website is about:

Forex Live is another news website that provides timely forex news and everything that happens around the world that affects the forex market.


It has quite a large follower base of traders that look up to it as their source of global forex news.


Why you should know this website:

The website also runs a blog section, with articles from experts in their fields. Articles are related to technical analysis, charting techniques, and trading tutorials.


What this website is about:

DailyFX is a free news and research website by IG and they are one of the leading sources for news and analysis on the currency, commodity, and index trading community.


Why you should know this website:

They have analysts that provide reports on everything that happens every day around the world. 


They provide timely fundamental, economic and technical analysis and also provide analysis of market moves, explaining economic, political, and technical factors driving the market.


What this website is about:

FXStreet is an independent portal launched in the year 2000 with a mission to provide unbiased and objective information to traders.


They provide real-time quotes of currency pairs and other related financial assets, release timely news, and have newsletters and chats by experts from around the globe.


Why you should know this website:

They have different sections for technical analysis and fundamental analysis and have professionals from brokers and banks contributing to these sections.


They also facilitate live webinars by experts and have a learning section that beginner traders can tap into for gaining knowledge about the forex market.


What this wesbite is about:

Forex Factory is a platform designed for traders trading the forex market. The platform’s aim is to connect traders with the markets and assist them in their trading decisions.


If you have been somewhat associated with the forex industry then it is highly likely that you came across this platform. It is one of the most popular sites among forex traders.


Why you should know this website:

The website provides lots of value to traders around the globe. Traders can view the economic calendar on the website and can read comments made by experts.


Traders can also access vast knowledge on their blogs and forums where several like-minded individuals share their knowledge and opinions and indulge in resourceful discussions and chats.


What this website is about:

TradingView needs little to no introduction. If you have even the slightest of experience or exposure in the forex trading space, then you will have come across this gem of a website.


As you know, we can view charts of almost every financial security that is listed on exchanges around the world on this website. This is as good as any other charting platform out there.


TradingView is a social network of 30 million community members and they claim to have the world's best charting and analysis tools.


Why you should know this website:

You can use this website to follow your favorite assets, find trading ideas, chat with other like-minded people, spot trends, and trade.


I personally use TradingView for charting purposes and perform my analysis on the various assets and markets that I trade and would seriously urge you that you use this platform too.



What websites do you follow?

These are some of the important websites that you must be aware of as well as keep track of. The content on these websites will surely help you on your trading journey.


It should be noted that the order in which these websites have been listed, has nothing to do with rankings, all these platforms are good in their own way.


Let me know if you use any such forex websites and how do you actually utilize the contents on such platforms.


Feel free to ask questions or queries through the comments section and I will revert at the earliest.

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