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My Story

Forex Monopoly - Daksh Murkute

Daksh Murkute

I am a forex trader , I invest in real estate and travel the world .
This is my Story
I came to know about Forex Trading when I was in my college . I was very fascinated to know that we can Make money from where ever we want with just an internet connection and laptop , while I was doing my engineering degree , my parents thought something like forex is not a business and one can’t earn through it and so they wanted me to do engineering and a job .
I never wanted to do a job and work under anyone, I always wanted to be my own boss .
As my parents wanted me to do a job I ask them for 6 months of time to try my luck in forex and when you are highly dependent on luck most of the things don’t work out and that’s what happened with me . I started to trade in forex with real cash and I use to make profit from it for some time but after that use to lose all my funds . This same thing happened to me 4 times . I made money with it in maximum but few trades use to take my account to zero
My 6 months were over and I was left with no money left . I knew how much potential forex had but there was somethings which I was doing wrong which made me loose my money .
My parents asked me to do a job so I did ,but my passion for forex trading was still there . I started doing a job but right after I was over with my work I use to study and research about forex . Every day I use to spend 4 hours educating my
Self about forex . When ever I got some time during weekends , Lunch time I use to read ,watch videos and podcast about forex . I researched and educated my self in forex . Practiced with my demo account a lot
After few months I accumulated my knowledge and came up with a Strategy and I started testing it with real cash .
The strategy worked so well that I was able to make my $100 invest to $500 and It took me 4 months to make $500.
I withdraw some money and again started with $200 and made profit again . After making money with this for more than 2 years and trading thousands of trades .I perfected my strategy and I call it Forex Monopoly Strategy .
I made this strategy from the experience and knowledge that I had in past years .
It finally worked and now I earn money through forex and do different investments specially in real estate section .
I work online and travel the world . Live on my own terms .
It is always about the hard work you put in and self discipline .
I am living my dream life and i want others like me to live it too .
Because if i can do it probably i can make anyone do the same for themselves.
So i made a course which will help you all to achieve your goals and financial freedom.