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Learn Advance Forex Strategies directly from the Experts. Forex Monopoly teaches strategies with low risk and High Rewards . Join Challenge to know More

Why we are Better ?

Why Forex Monopoly is Better ?


Learn Directly from Experts

Get mentored directly from the Expert . One on One mentorship program from the Experts of Forex Monopoly


Low Risk High Reward

Our Strategy has 1:8 Risk to Reward ratio. Which will help you grow your account Exponentially


Mind Set Training

We Train our members to achieve the right mind set which you require to be successful in Forex Trading

Weekly Trade Break Down

Weekly experts will break down each trade which they took so that students can understand how Experts Trade


Would you like me to Help you

Double , Triple or even Quadruple your Trading Account in a Month

Join our Forex Monopoly Challenge

50 people will be selected who will be mentored directly from Daksh Murkute. He will help 50 people to turn their $200 Forex trading account to $4000 in just 4 weeks. Click below to join the Challenge

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Forex Monopoly

Trading Strategy

  • The Strategy Forex Monopoly teaches has 1:8 Risk to Reward ratio
  • The Strategy which we have developed shows exponential results and have helped our students to drastically grow their account
  • Risk Management taught by us helps traders reduce their loses and increase their profits
  • Strategy teaches you how to place a trade at a proper time to get best returns on every trade
  • Learn to take Snipers entries (Very Few people know about this in the market)

Meet the Expert

Daksh Murkute - Professional Forex Trader and Consultant

Daksh Murkute

About Daksh

Daksh has been Trading in Forex for the past 7 years. He has helped many people to start their career in forex. Most of his students were beginners in forex or didn’t know anything about trading.  He has transformed many individual’s life with his Coaching program in forex.

Daksh is here with his new challenge – Forex Monopoly Challenge. Where he is going to help 50 individuals to change and transform their professional life. He is going to help 50 people to Turn their $200 forex trading account into $4000. He has done this in the past for multiple people and now the opportunity is open for 30 countries

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